Determination of the Role of Endothelial Cell-Specific Molecule-1 (ESM-1) in Childhood Bronchial Asthma


1 pediatric department minia univeristy

2 Departments of Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, El-Minia University, Egypt.


Background: Endothelial Cell- Specific Molecule-1 (ESM-1) is a 50 kDa soluble proteoglycan that is produced mainly the vascular endothe‌lial cells of the kidney and lung. It is produced by the effects of proangiogenic and pro-inflammatory cytokines, and it indicates activation and dysfunction of the vascular endothelium. This study was aimed to detect the role of ESM-1 in children with asthma.
Patients and methods; This study is a prospective cross sectional study and include fifty child with mild persistent, moderate persistent asthma (patients) and 30 apparently healthy children served as controls, both patients and controls were selected from outpatient pulmonology clinic and inpatient pediatric department at children hospital , Minia university, from January 2016 till April 2018, and were subjected to; detailed clinical examination, lung function test, complete blood picture and measurement of level of ESM-1 in serum using ELISA technique.
Results; level of ESM-1 was increased significantly in asthmatic children compared to the controls (p=0.001). Also the level of ESM-1 in children suffering from moderate persistent asthma was markedly higher than those with mild persistent asthma (p=0.001). In addition ESM-1level was positively correlated with eosinophil counts(r=0.79, p=0.01) but had negative correlation with lung functions FEV1 and PEFR (r=- 0.89, -0.84, p=0.001).
Conclusions: ESM-1 level is increased in asthmatic children suggesting that it may have a role in asthma furthermore it was associated with decreased lung function indicating that it is considered as an indicator of severe asthma.