Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 6 - Serial Number 42, June 2017, Pages 5013-5217 
3. Effect of Education Based on the Health Belief Model (HBM) on Anemia Preventive Behaviors among Iranian Girl Students

Pages 5043-5052

Naseh Ghaderi; Mohammad Ahmadpour; Nadia Saniee; Fattaneh Karimi; Chiman Ghaderi; Hamed Mirzaei

4. The Effect of Oral Zinc Sulfate on Serum Bilirubine Level in Term Neonates with Jaundice

Pages 5053-5060

Mousa Ahmadpour-kacho; Yadollah Zahed Pasha; Bahram Ranjbar; Mehdi Pouramir; Karimollah Hajian; Mohammad Pounasrollah

5. Application of the Topical Hydrocortisone Ointment Decreases Post-Circumcision Meatal Stenosis in Neonates: A Cross-Sectional Study

Pages 5061-5067

Amrollah Salimi; Mahsa Besharati; Shervin Rashidi Nia; Sara Shahmoradi; Seyyed Shahin Eftekhari