Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2.1 - Serial Number 2, April 2014, Pages 1-83 
10. Prebiotic and...

Pages 10-10

_ Hashemi

11. Autoimmune hepatitis

Pages 11-11

F Motamed

18. Healthy Diet for Fatty Liver in Children

Pages 18-18

M Nematy; SS Khayyatzadeh Manshadi

21. Iron and Multivitamin Supplements in Children and its Association with Growth rate

Pages 21-21

M Saeidi; R Vakili; A Khakshour; H Taghizadeh Moghaddam; MA Kiani

22. Congenital Rickets: Report of Four Cases

Pages 22-22

R Vakili; M Saeidi; P Eshraghi; A Ataei Nakhaei; S Vakili; A Khakshour

23. Determinants of Nutritional Status in Children living in Mashhad, Iran

Pages 23-23

T Shafieian; LA Latiff; MH Soo Lee; M Mazidi; M Ghayour Mobarhan; G Tabatabaei; G Ferns

25. Effect Supermint oil (peppermint oil) on Patient Satisfaction and the Colonoscopy team during Colonoscopy

Pages 25-25

MA Kiani; M Sabbagh; M Najafi; A Khodadad; A Khakshour; HR Kianifar; SA Jafari; M Ghayour Mobarhan; M Saeidi

26. The Effect of Music on Pain, Anxiety and Vital Signs of Children during Colonoscopy

Pages 26-26

M Najafi; F Motamed; MA Kiani; M Sabbagh; P Attaei; M Ghayour Mobarhan; M Saeidi; A Vakilian; A Javan

30. Constipation due to Liver Disorder in Iranian Traditional Medicine`s Viewpoint

Pages 30-30

R Choopani; M Tansaz; M Movahhed; M Mokaberinejad; M Khodadoost

31. Effect Supermint oil (Peppermint oil) on children's pain during Colonoscopy

Pages 31-31

M Najafi; F Motamed; MA Kiani; A Khakshour; M Saeidi; SA Jafari; P Attaei; M Ghayour Mobarhan; M Sabbagh; A Javan; A Vakilian

32. Enteroaggregative Escherichia Coli (EAEC) in South of Iran

Pages 32-32

P Abbasi; M Kargar; A Doosti; J Mardaneh; S Ghorbani-Dalini; M Anvarinejad; MA Dehyadegari

34. Comparison of Zinc Level between Neonates with Jaundice and Healathy Neonates

Pages 34-34

H Boskabadi; Gh Maamouri; H Mohsen Zadeh; MT Shakeri; M Ghayour Mobarhan

36. Oral Zinc Supplementation for the Treatment of Acute Diarrhea

Pages 36-36

Sh Gheibi; Z Kousehlou; Z Sahebazzamani

37. Diagnostic Accuracy of Polyclonal Stool Antigen for Detection of Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Children

Pages 37-37

E Khodashenas; SA Jafari; HR Kianifar; A Khakshour; S Hiradfar; N Zabolinejad

38. Children Sedation during Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Comparison of Two Methods

Pages 38-38

E Khodashenas; HR Kianifar; J Akhondian; A Sharifian; M Pirozi

40. Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis: An Uncommon Cause of Chronic Renal Failure

Pages 40-40

A Azarfar; MA Kiani; Ag Keykhosravi; Y Ravanshad

42. Anesthesia related Complications in Pediatric GI Endoscopy

Pages 42-42

A Sabzevari; M Gharavi; MA Kiani; A Peivandi Yazdi; E Ghorbanian; M Joudi

46. Viewpoints of Iranian Traditional Medicine about Child Nutrition

Pages 46-46

R Mokaberinejad; R Choopani; M Tansaz; M Khodadoost; M Movahhed

47. Hepatitis E among Pregnant Women in Urmia, Iran

Pages 47-47

Z Rostamzadeh Khameneh; N Sepehrvand; Dr. khalkhali; Z Shirmohamadi

49. Caustic Ingestions

Pages 49-49

M Rafeey; L Vahedi; M Shoaran

50. Nutritional Assesment in Cystic Fibrosis Patients( Iran and Newzeland)

Pages 50-50

V Moeeni; P Shojaee; HR Kianifar; T Walls; P Pattemore; AS Day

52. Metabolic Disturbances in Children with Chronic Liver Disease

Pages 52-52

A Rezaeian; E Ghayebi; F Amiri Moghadam; E Shajari

53. Mineral Requirements in Children with Chronic Liver Disease

Pages 53-53

A Rezaeian; E Ghayebi; MT Yazdan Panah; Gh Rahmanian; A Golestani

54. Gluten - Not a Friendly Protein

Pages 54-54

E Tafreshi; A Jafarzade Noghani; B Khairkhah; M Yazdani; S Seddighi; S khayam

59. Assessment the Relationship between Parents' Literacy Level with Children Growth in Mashhad: An Analytic Descriptive Study

Pages 59-59

Bibi Leila Hoseini; M Saeidi; R Vakili; MA Kiani; M Rabiei; A Khakshour; SM Rasti Sani

60. Survey of Effect Peppermint on Pyloric Spasm in Children During Endoscopy

Pages 60-60

S Partovi; MA Kiani; E Poursoltani; A Khakshour; M Sabbagh

62. Effect Supermint oil (Peppermint oil) on the Patient's and Colonoscopy Team Satisfaction During Colonoscopy in Children

Pages 62-62

A Khodadad; MA Kiani; M Najafi; A Khakshour; M Saeidi; SA Jafari; M Ghayour Mobarhan

65. Survey of Caustic Ingestion Symptoms in Children

Pages 65-65

H Yarmohammadi; N Yarmohammadi; M Mohammadpur

66. Evaluation of Antibody Response to Polysaccharide Vaccine and Switched Memory B Cells in Pediatric Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Pages 66-66

Gh Fallahi; A Aghamohammadi; A Khodadad; M Hashemi; P Mohammadinejad; H Asgarian-Omran; M Najafi; F Motamed; Kh Soleimani; H Soheili; N Parvaneh; B Darabi; R Nasiri Kalmarzi; Sh Pourhamdi; H Abolhassani; B Mirminachi; N Rezaei

67. The Study of Levofloxacin Effects on Liver Tissue in Wistar Rat

Pages 67-67

N Vahidieyerisofla; M Ahmadi Far; M RabieeGolmakani; A Mohammad Eini

68. Evaluation of Bone Mineral Density in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL)

Pages 68-68

A Ghasemi; A Banihashem; N Ghaemi; S Elmi; H Esmaeili; R Erfani Sayyar; Sam Elmi

69. Infective Endocarditis in Children Hospitalized During 10 Years in Imam Reza Hospital- Mashhad

Pages 69-69

H Mottaghi Moghadam; M Horri; S Elmi; N Motevalli Haghi; R Erfani Sayyar; Sh Rahmani; Sam Elmi

72. Wilson’s Disease: Nutrition Support

Pages 72-72

M Ghayour-Mobarhan; M Mazidi

75. Severity Assessment of Chronic Liver Disease in Children

Pages 75-75

S Tehranian; P Shojaee; S Jafarzadeh; HR Kianifar; SA Jafari

77. Evaluation of Omeprazole in the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Persistent Asthma in Children

Pages 77-77

F Behmanesh; SA Jafari; A Khakshour; E Khodashenas; A Motiee

78. The Study of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Pages 78-78

F Farahmand; MA Kiani; A Khodadad; M Najafi; Gh Fallahi; F Motamed; P Ostad Rahimi; M Vasei; GR Khalili; M Ghayour- Mobarhan; M Sabbagh

80. Synbiotic for Prevention of Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea in Children: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Pages 80-80

SA Jafari; H Ahanchian; MA Kiani; A Khakshour; Z Noorbakhsh; E Zamani; E Ansari; HR Kianifar

81. Hyperbilirubinemia and Neonatal Infection

Pages 81-81

Gh Maamouri; H Boskabadi; F Khatami; A Mohammadzadeh; R Saeidi; Ash Farhat; MA Kiani