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Number of Articles: 4
1. Chest CT Features in Pediatric Patients with COVIDÔÇÉ19 Infection: A Brief Review Article

Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2021, Pages 13421-13427

Sarvenaz Mehrabi; Mohammadreza Safaei; Yazdan Ghandi; Masoud Bahrami

2. Thoracic Mass Nature Determination; What Modality Is Better in Pediatric Age?

Volume 7, Issue 8, August 2019, Pages 9921-9928

Seyed Ali Alamdaran; Soroush Estilaee; Donya Farrokh; Negar Morovatdar

3. Diagnostic Value of Chest Radiography in Pediatric Cardiovascular Diseases: A Retrospective Study in Tabriz, Northwest of Iran

Volume 3, Issue 2.1, March 2015, Pages 9-13

Akbar Molaie; Babak Abdinia; Roya Zakeri; Ali Talei

4. Diagnostic Utility of Chest X-rays in Neonatal Respiratory Distress: Determining the Sensitivity and Specificity

Volume 2, Issue 4.2, November 2014, Pages 65-72

Hassan Mottaghi Moghadam shahri; Saied Naghibi; Elham Mahdavi; Gholamreza Khademi