1 East Wollega Zonal Health Office, Nekemte town, Oromia regional state, western Ethiopia.

2 Cluster program officer at USAID/JSI Transform: Primary Health Care project, east Wollega zone, Nekemte, Ethiopia.

3 WHE Public Health Emergency Surveillance Officer, East Wollega, Nekemte, Ethiopia.


Background: Measles is a highly infectious viral disease that causes morbidity and mortality in both developing and industrialized countries. In Ethiopia, the major outbreaks with large attack rates resulting in as high as 15-20% case fatality rates have been reported. There is a paucity of information on assessment of post-measles outbreak response activities and its determinant factors in NunuKumba district, Ethiopia. We aimed to assess of measles outbreak response activities and determinant factors at Nunukumba District, Ethiopia.
Materials and Methods: A retrospective descriptive cross-sectional survey was conducted from April-24 to May-7, 2020 at NunuKumba district, Ethiopia. The data was collected by using semi-structured questionnaires, and a secondary data was taken from the line list of cases. Purposive sampling technique was used. Quantitative data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2010 while the qualitative data was themed; analyzed and then triangulated with quantitative result. Graphs, tables and Epi-curve displayed the result.
Results: The overall Attack rate and Case Fatality Rate were 1.05% and 0.41%, respectively. The most affected age group was under five year’s children 552 (56.55%). More than one third of cases 389 (40%) were unvaccinated. The outbreak reached climax at middle of January and declined by the middle of February 2020.
Conclusion: Poor early detection and response of the outbreak.The probable contributing factors for this outbreak were poor surveillance system, lack of training on vaccine and cold chain management, lack of functional fridge tag and refrigerator, weak expanded program on immunization activities monitoring and evaluation. Therefore, training of human power, immunization program and surveillance system should get due attention.