Document Type : original article


1 PhD in Sports Science, North Tehran Azad University

2 Physical education department- North Tehran Branch- Islamic Azad university

3 Physical education department- North Tehran Branch


Undoubtedly, playgrounds should be safe and secure environments for children so that children can play in them, enjoy the game and gain different experiences. Despite the above, the statistics regarding the playground environmental incidents in urban areas indicate a lack of proper attention to the safety of playgrounds. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety of children’s playgrounds from the perspective of parents in district 3 of Tehran. The sample of the present study included 295 children from district 3 of Tehran, Iran. The data was collected by the use of standard questionnaires. Also, in order to organize, summarize and describe the data, descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation) were implemented, and in order to test statistical assumptions and prioritization with the normally distributed data, T-Hotelling test and Friedman test were performed. It should be noted that in this study, SPSS software version 23 was used to analyze the data, also the level of reliability of the scale used in this study is 95%. The results of the t-hotelling test showed that the safety of design, the safety of the equipment and the safety of the environmental features in children's playgrounds were in good condition in Tehran's third district. The differences and priorities among these components are also identified


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