Department of Traditional Medicine, Faculty of Traditional Medicine, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


Optimal child development necessitates proper nutrition in childhood. Despite of improvements in child nutrition, there are still lots of challenges in proper child nutrition which shows the necessity of using the Past experiences more than ever. Despite of particular interest of Iranians to cardinal humors (temperaments), unfortunately, families and medical staffs are not appropriately familiar with these important issues. Whereas Traditional Medicine tries to protect & promote health through humors and temperaments that, unfortunately, these days this issue is not considered as noteworthy matter, this study tries to bring up new dimensions of child nutrition through different attitude.
Materials and Methods:
Research methodology of this study is library research which surveys principles of child nutrition on some Iranian Traditional Medicine scientists ` works.
According to Iranian Traditional Medicine findings, there are particular rules in child nutrition. Some important rules are:
1-Food with special properties, play important role in child development like mutton, beans.
2-Food combination also can help child development and decrease the side effects of some foods like combination of thyme and yogurt.
3-There are simple and practical instructions in Iranian Traditional Medicine for preventing and treating some disease like common cold and viral gastroenteritis. So, use of these instructions can decrease the use of medications in children. Effectiveness of some instructions has also been approved in modern medicine.
4- Incompatible food combination is one of the important issues in child nutrition that paying attention to it can promote children health.
Since the physical health and mental health of children necessitate proper nutrition; families` knowledge (specially mothers) about children`s food requirements can help children to have appropriate food program. It is hoped that with further research in this field & using the scientists` experiences of Iranian Traditional medicine, we will be able to play an important role in children health who are the future of our society.
Keywords: Nutrition, Children, Development, Iranian Traditional Medicine