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Complications of caustic ingestion swallowing in children of singe to gullet severe  stricture and andoscopic actions and multiple surgeries Is different that increase the risk of gastrointestinal perforation and gastrointestinal malignancies .....
Because Acid substances have  bad taste and these are tissue coalescence in location of contact thus attribute alkali make lose of injury. In other words,alkalis substance are weak and attribute to acids make a more severe tissue damage.but,in any form, acids  and alkalis conscious Serious damage to the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the esophagus if swallowed. Pipe solutions, batterie water, disinfectant, liquid bleach, detergen, salt ink,….are torrid substance that make a esophageal burns fairly common in children.
Acidic or alkaline Caustic ingestion in children 1 to 5 years old. Severe burns Ingestion pipe , battery water, solid, strong alkaline compound that is used as a pipe ) are more common . house hold bleach swallowing ,shampoo,Soap in low value make a little damage to the gastrointestinal tract; but how ever this children in first opportunities should Be examined  by physician.
Materials and Methods:
This study is review of studies motor research google, pubmed, web of knowledge, science direct, Cochrane and were used of key words: symptoms, swallow, torrid substances, children.
torrid substances Swallowing in children often occurs randomise. Symptoms include runny mouth, restlessness , difficulty or painful swallowing , vomiting blood, abdominal pain and mouth burns and lips . Note that inflammation may be a little sore around the mouth and inward  lips  not seen the baby's mouth , but contemporary, severe burns of the esophagus exist should be taken to the phisision. The most effective action about torrid substances Swallowing by children ,is  prevent it. Due to the importance in many national poisoning , provide specialized information . Due to the caustic ingestion in children is easily preventable , it is necessary importance to family physicians and the public Health Personnel be clear. Media , newspapers , radio and tv  have effective role in increasing awareness poisoning , especially the poisoning by acids substances.
Key words: Children, Symptoms, Swallow, Torrid Substances.