Professor, Department of Thoracic Surgery , Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran.


First, definition the stem cell refers to those cells that are still not clear and are not equipped for a particular task. These cells have proliferative properties and  ability to differentiate into other types of cells have become.
This characteristic of stem cells to self-directed has absorbed professional opinion that extensive research is done in this regard. Nowadays, stem cells are the first hope to restore damaged tissues and perhaps in the future are to build human organs. Stem cells are able to generate any cell type-specific function, such as heart muscle cells or insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. 
Literature survey in the field of jurisprudence and legal issues of stem cells, The regard simulation issues in recent years research has been considered in detail with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences by holding of the Third Conference on Islamic views to address issues of simulations and jurisprudence held in 1381. It carried out medical and legal discussions which are printed in the third congress of the book.
Stem cells and its achievements in the current medical knowledge is embryonic research that has a special place in our country, But this with astonishing results combined with legal jurisprudence and incidentally also has raised for the research challenges the most. Less research has been done issues of jurisprudence important challenge in the field of ethical issues related to damage to the inner cell of stem opponent. Mass of the embryo is 2 to 5 days used to grow stem cells.
Key Words: Stem cells, Legal- Juridical.