Professor of pediatric Gastroenterology, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.


Sharply progression and development in different aspect of technology and science in the field of medicine and sanitation bring many challenges in biological moral and social aspects of the life. Meanwhile statistical problems of this subjects will be rised. Study and researches on embryonic stem cells are one of this specimens. Religions and different ideological views in vast human cultures associated with various laws in different countries of the world, made moral and biological argues.
Observing of important references,papers , statistical holograms and tables that has been edited in laws and regulation in this field and its therapeutic use shows that there is a very vast need for approving of new laws and regulation in protecting of biological and moral disorders under international and human rights regulations.
In some countries around the world guidelines for ethical regulation in this field has prepared but in others its absence is out standing.It seems that in Iran we also need guidelines for regulation of this field adapting with our culture,religion and law.   Anyway obtaining of  IVF cells as a clear route for continuation in developing of this technology is the main goal of this paper.
Keywords:  Bioethics, Embryo Laws, Stem Cells.