1 Pediatric Health Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran.

2 Pediatrician.

3 Internist.


Introduction: Bronchiectasis is a common problem in children and early diagnosis
can lead to early treatment and prevent of its complications. This study was aimed
to evaluate factors effective on outcome of bronchiectasis in children.
Methods: In an analytical cross-sectional study, 347 children with bronchiectasis
Underwent the study. the patients were diagnosed based on chronic
suppurative cough and CT scan findings.
Disease etiology was asthma in 55.6%, Gastroesophagial
reflux (GERD) in 7.8%, Cystic fibrosis (CF) in 4.8%, other causes in 11.2% and
idiopathic in 20.6%. All cases complained of chronic cough. The most common
sign was daily sputum production (79.1%) and common symptoms were ral/crackle
in 47.1% and wheezing in 25.4%. Mean treatment period was 32.82±11.56 months.
At the end of follow-up, complete improvement occurred in 35.6%, partial
improvement in 40.9% and no improvement in 23.5%.
Conclusion: In children with chronic cough and crackle in physical examination,
consideration of bronchiectasis could be helpful in early diagnosis and
complementary evaluations and treatment initiation. Treating the underlying
disease could prevent the occurrence and increase the response to treatment of


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