Children and Adolescent Health Research Center, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Zahedan, Iran.


The prevalence of celiac disease (CD) is remarkably varied in Down syndrome(DS)patientscompared with other diseases.  This study aimed to assess celiac disease prevalence in Down syndrome children with and without congenital heart defects (CHD) and its comparison with controls.
Materials and Methods
This case-control study was performed at a single center on 132 participants in three groups. Clinical and genetic tests were performed on all patients suspected with Down syndrome to confirm their diseases.  After that in patients with confirmed Down syndrome echocardiography was carried out to diagnosis of CHD. Healthy children selected randomly among those who referred to the center for annual check-up. Statistical evaluation was done using SPSS-16.
For the factors of age, weight, height and Body Mass Index (BMI) not observed significant differences between three groups of participants, but it would be observed statistically differences for the variable of tTG- IgA.  For variables of weight, tTG- IgA and BMI was observed statistically different in the case and controls. The status of tTG- IgA (normal or <= 20 and abnormal or >20) had significant correlation with three groups of controls, Down syndrome with and without CHD. The status of tTG- IgA also had significant correlation with groups of case and controls. In comparison of tTG- IgA in DS patients with and without CHD, no significant differences were observed.
The prevalence of CD in DS patients was higher compared the controls population; and in DS patients with CHD was higher compared the DS patients without CHD.