Document Type : case report


1 Al-Quds University, Faculty of Medicine, Jerusalem, State of Palestine

2 Department of Neonatal and Intensive Care, Palestine Red Crescent Society Hospital, Hebron, Palestine

3 Department of Neurosurgery, Al-Ahli Hospital, Hebron, Palestine

4 Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Institute of Mother and Child, Warsaw, Poland


Multiple brain abscesses in neonates are extremely rare and occur as an unusual complication of bacterial meningitis or sepsis. There are many bacterial pathogens reported to cause brain abscesses in newborns; however, brain abscess caused by Enterobacter cloacae has rarely been described previously in neonates and only a few reports exist in English literature. After 4 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, a preterm neonate developed multiple brain abscesses as a complication of E. cloacae sepsis which were revealed on TFU and confirmed on MRI. Consequently, a limited craniotomy was performed for the biggest abscess for evacuation of pus and followed by aspiration of other abscesses.


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